Capsicum (Yellow)

Capsicum (Yellow)

Yellow Capsicum

Yellow Capsicum delicious fresh flavour, and crisp crunchy texture IQF Peppers can be used in a variety of applications to create delicious tasting products. They offer all the fresh flavour, bright colour, nutrients and vitamins of fresh peppers but with the convenience and longer shelf life of a frozen product. Different coloured peppers all come from the same plant. The colour depends on the time the pepper stays on the vine. Green peppers come first.

Sourced from our expert growers in China, Poland, Spain, and Turkey our IQF Peppers are of the highest quality and grown to EU industry standards.

Crops Times and Growing Regions

Chinese Peppers are grown in the Shandong Province, with green peppers sown in May and harvested June to August, whilst red pepper is sown in July and harvested from August through to September.
Poland – August to December.
Turkey – August to November.

Once harvested they are taken to the factory to be processed where they are checked thoroughly for defects, taking into consideration the size, shape, and colour.

The Peppers are then washed, hollowed out and the seeds are removed. They are then re-inspected and cut to the correct dimensions. The grilled peppers are also grilled during this process.

The Peppers are rapidly frozen at very low temperatures, preventing the formation of ice crystals, which means they remain free-flowing, making them ideal for any products which require identifiable pepper pieces. After freezing they are packaged, ready to be sent out to customers or cold stores.

Cuts : Diced, Julienned, Sliced

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